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Here is what our clients have to say about us...

“I have had great success utilizing the very professional skills of Atomic Irrigation on various types of irrigation design projects ranging from commercial to government and institutional. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Susser and Atomic Irrigation as they are both knowledgeable and very, very prompt in meeting schedules. Atomics ’irrigation design plans and graphics are easy to read and well organized.”
—David L. Simon, Landscape Architect, Calif. State License #1150.

“Atomic Irrigation is a highly professional irrigation design firm with solid designs employing best practices, intelligent equipment specification and placement, and ease of installation considerations. The firm’s irrigation plans are clean and easily read, while also conveying a striking and consistent style.”
—Jerimiah Farmer-CTO LandFx

Atomic Irrigation is an irrigation design firm that specializes in irrigation systems design. The firm utilizes the latest drip irrigation and spray irrigation technology to ensure excellence and consistency in water resource management, regardless of project size.