How to Hydrozone a Planting Plan



Many planting plans we receive at Atomic Irrigation are incorrectly hydrozoned. AB 1881 states that all planting plans must be grouped by similar watering requirements based on plant type, irrigation method, sun exposure, soil type, slope or other criteria.

As you can probably imagine, planting plans not hydrozoned properly make it nearly impossible to create an efficient irrigation plan.


Below is a properly designed planting plan clouded by hydrozone with a corresponding hydrozone table with all the pertinent information needed.

Plan courtesy of City of Santa Monica, Office of Sustainability and Environment

Why is this plan properly hydrozoned?

Because this plan shows plants grouped by watering requirements and sun exposure. The corresponding table (shown below) displays hydrozone name, area, percent of total area, plant water requirements, hydrozone description and sun exposure.

From this, anyone reviewing the planting plan and table, can easily see it is hydrozoned properly. Even an irrigation designer.



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